The Wizard of Oz Cast

Kim Stephenson: Dorothy
Mary Anderson Bailey: The Witch
Kate Smith: Glinda
Max Robinson*: The Wizard
J. Michael Bailey: Lion
Nicholas Morris: Scarecrow
Scott Butler: Tin-man
Sean Carter: Jitter Bug
Kevin Cottam: Guard/Uncle
Jacob Houser: Men's Ensemble
Facundo Regazzoni: Men's Ensemble
Chelsea Hubbard: Women's Ensemble
Cassidy Oldroyd: Women's Ensemble
Krystal Day: Women's Ensemble

Shaylee Hunter: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Angela Wright: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Maggie Scott: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Abigail Scott: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Cora Fossen: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Zoe Fossen: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Emma Doenges: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Aislinn Mitcham: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Eleanor Young: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Eric Lash: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
Seam Mitcham: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian
McArthur Cottam: Munchkin/Monkey/Ozian

Directed by Porter Williams

*Member of Actor's Equity Union

Special "Wizard of Oz" Events

Grand Ruby Slippers ContestWizard of Oz Sing Along - The Grand Theatre, October 17, 7:00 p.m.

Grand Ruby Slippers Contest -, Now - September 26th

Witch's Reading List -, Now - October 15thWizard of Oz Film Sing-along - September 16th

Meet the Witch - Salt Lake Farmer's Market, August 20th, September 24th, October 1st

Family Night at "The Wizard of Oz" - October 14th

Witches' Night Out - Gardner Village, October 14-15

Costume Contest - The Grand Theatre, October 29th 2pm matinee

An EttaGrace Black Theatre Company Program
Producing African American theatrical material, which seeks to promote an awareness and deeper understanding of the black community's contribution to the expanding American cultural experience.
Director – Toni Byrd

The Cast

Sean Carter – Willie
Ricardo Cumba – Hodman
Brien Jones – Dr. Brodus
Greg Lang – Ben
Lonzo Liggins – Caleb
Jeff Owen – Dr. Douglas
Latoya Rhodes – Miss Evers

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